New Year , New Goals, New Look!

Happy New Year !!!! After a relaxing and cozy winter break it’s time to get back to work and reality! I’m ready for the new year and can’t believe its already 2018. I’m looking forward to all that it brings.

In keeping with my tradition of writing New Year’s lists here’s another one for 2018.


I really enjoying writing and taking the photos for this blog and can’t wait to keep this going into 2018. Through it I’ve gotten to meet some wonderful people. I love being able to share and create my small corner of beauty on the internet and hope it makes you smile. With that – I spent some of my winter break redesigning  the blog to look a little cleaner, fresher, and more me. I hope you like it and would love feedback ! 


Get Back To DIY

Last year I succeeded so well in my goal of being active and taking weekend trips that I wasn’t able to get to as many DIY projects. After all when you work full time there’s only so many free weekends to tinker around and try out new projects! 🙂 This year I’d like to do a bit more – I have an exciting new partnership coming up that will help me do this (more on this in the next few weeks!).  I’ve already scheduled out some ideas for the year to keep me on track. Let’s see how it goes!

Embroidery |

Master Family Recipes

This year I want to spend more time with my loved ones and learn and document our cherished family recipes. My Babcia (grandmother) and mom are fantastic cooks so I’m committing to learning a set amount of recipes from them. It’s a perfect way to spend time with those who matter most.

Babcia |


Last year I wanted to devote more time to working out and joined Classpass – after months of having to coordinate my schedule every week to fit in classes I decided I needed something more routined in my life. Through Classpass I was able to find Bottom Line Yoga – a studio that completely fit my scheduling and location needs. Since September I’ve been going to yoga three to four times a week and its honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I feel better and the type of workout you get form yoga is exactly what my body craves. My resolution is to keep my dedicated schedule – it helps soothe my body and mind!


After reflecting I have to say that 2017 was a really hard year for so many reasons. I’ve had to use 2017 as the year of learning to breath through stressful and uncertain situations. I’m coming into 2018 knowing I need to learn to be accepting of life and its exciting uncertainty. It’s a life lesson everyone has to learn as they get older and as with everything all we can control is our attitudes – so with that I’m going to keep living with a smile on my face and an optimistic spirit in my heart.

Relax |


When I was younger I used to keep journals. I recently came across my old ones that go as far back as fifth grade up until college. Reading through memories and insights that I’ve long since forgot about was a happy walk down memory lane. I don’t want to lose that and want to take this back up again. I’ll start small but even writing at least once a month will fun to look back on in the years to come.

Bookmaking |

I wish you all a joyful 2018 – may wonderful things come your way.

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