My Chicago Winter Survival Guide

Winter in Chicago can be brutal. Lately its been extremely cold and my body and skin (it’s so dry) keep feeling the effects. In between working and trying to carve out some “hygge” moments,  I wanted to share some products that have been helping me stay warm, cozy, and hydrated! Check them out below: Mario […]

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New Year , New Goals, New Look!

Happy New Year !!!! After a relaxing and cozy winter break it’s time to get back to work and reality! I’m ready for the new year and can’t believe its already 2018. I’m looking forward to all that it brings. In keeping with my tradition of writing New Year’s lists here’s another one for 2018. Blogging […]

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My Five Skincare Essentials

Skincare |

Skin care is one of my passions. I spend hours investigating how natural and non-natural ingredients work on different skin types. In fact, I’d love to be an esthetician. Every day I make a point to moisturize, wear sun screen, and invest in quality products. I’ve never really looked to makeup to fix my skin problems. Instead, I’ve chosen […]

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This Year’s Balcony Garden

Garden |

The weather in Chicago has finally gotten warm enough to start gardening ! When springtime comes, whenever I’m in any hardware store I make a point to walk through the garden section even if I’m not looking to buy anything. Looking at flowers and herbs  just makes me happy. And now because its Spring I […]

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Flower Tea

Blooming Tea |

Has anyone ever heard of flower tea? I got a few blooms and a glass teapot as a gift for my wedding and hadn’t tried it out yet. Over the weekend I gave it a go, and am now a fan. Flower tea is so pretty ! According to my research flower tea is a bundle of […]

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Six Reasons To Take A Winter Walk

Winter Walks |

On Sunday, Ted and I woke up to a brisk (30°F) but sunny day. Wanting to enjoy it, we decided to take a winter walk in a nearby forest preserve. Just a short 15 minute drive from our house, there is a narrow strip of woods that makes us feel like we are father away from […]

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Hygge |

Hygge. Pronounced “HOO-gah.” It’s my new favorite word and Danish export. But, what is it, well it’s a lot of things, like: spending a cold winter night in with a steaming cup of tea and a good book. hosting a candle lit dinner with hearty food and close friends. wearing fuzzy socks, cuddling under a […]

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New Year, New To Do’s

New Year, New To Do's |

Happy New Year! For the first post of 2017 I want to do one of my favorite things: make a list! Last year, I set goals for 2016 in my planner and then proceeded to forget about them. It wasn’t until yesterday, when I was transferring important dates into my new planner that I was reminded […]

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Autumn Inspired Simmer Pot

The weather has just gotten cooler this week and in an attempt to make my home smell cozy, I’ve tried a Fall inspired simmer pot. They are a super easy and clean way to scent your home. All you have to do is bring water to a boil and then drop in your ingredients. Let […]

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Farmer’s Market Love

One of my favorite parts of summer is the the farmer’s market. They have a community centric, locally inspired atmosphere that I think harkens back to they way people used to buy their food. Before the vast warehouse-like stores took over, before 86 different brands of pasta appeared on the shelves, before the florescent lighting. Back when food was […]

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