Christmas In Chicago

Christmas In Chicago |

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Chicago Christmas traditions – the city is always a festive place at this time of year and there are so many activities to enjoy. Below are some of my favorite traditions – some are old and from childhood, while some are new. I love my city at this […]

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How To Host A Murder Mystery Party

Happy Halloween! Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. From the costumes, the crisp fall days, and the classic slasher flicks – I love everything about this spooky day. To celebrate, I’ve been wanting to host a Halloween party for years and finally made it happen. We did a themed murder […]

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Books I Love

Book I Love |

I’ve loved books and reading since I was a little girl. Books have influenced every aspect of my life — from my hobbies, education, and my dreams, books have been a major source of joy in my life. I wanted to share a few of my historical favorites below. For the most part these are […]

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Weekend Recap

The last few weekends have been filled with weddings, camping, and day trips. So when I checked my planner last Thursday night I was so relieved to see that I had no plans for Friday or Saturday. I’m all for having fun and enjoying activity filled weekends – but its also important to learn when […]

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Oh Beautiful….

Oh Beautiful |

I’m taking a short holiday break and will be back with a new post next Tuesday — but wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! If it’s not in your weekend or summertime plan I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy some of this country’s natural beauty. Whether you enjoy the mountains, the […]

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This Year’s Balcony Garden

Garden |

The weather in Chicago has finally gotten warm enough to start gardening ! When springtime comes, whenever I’m in any hardware store I make a point to walk through the garden section even if I’m not looking to buy anything. Looking at flowers and herbs  just makes me happy. And now because its Spring I […]

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Easter Basket Traditions

Easter Basket |

Though Easter is a time for joy and celebrating, for my family it will be our first holiday without my beloved grandfather. But on a joyful note, it’s also his first Easter enjoying the promise of resurrection! This holiday I take great comfort in my family’s happy memories and keeping our Polish Easter traditions. It’s […]

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Natural Easter Egg Dye

Natural Easter Egg Dyeing |

I haven’t dyed Easter eggs in years, but its a tradition I wanted to bring back, so this weekend I experimented with natural easter egg dye and plants to beautify my Easter eggs!  As a kid I loved staying up the night before Holy Saturday to prepare the eggs in all of our favorite colors. My […]

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Flower Tea

Blooming Tea |

Has anyone ever heard of flower tea? I got a few blooms and a glass teapot as a gift for my wedding and hadn’t tried it out yet. Over the weekend I gave it a go, and am now a fan. Flower tea is so pretty ! According to my research flower tea is a bundle of […]

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Hygge |

Hygge. Pronounced “HOO-gah.” It’s my new favorite word and Danish export. But, what is it, well it’s a lot of things, like: spending a cold winter night in with a steaming cup of tea and a good book. hosting a candle lit dinner with hearty food and close friends. wearing fuzzy socks, cuddling under a […]

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